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Running Contact A-FRAME (At Your Own Pace DIY Self-Study)

Prerequisite: Must have taken the Running Contacts Foundation Training with Stacy Bols. Those who continue to work through the Foundation exercises are welcome  to participate in this course and transition to this material when ready. Working spots will need access to an adjustable A-Frame.

With instructor Stacy Bols, handlers will continue the lessons from Stacy's foundations for a running contact course as they move their training to the A-Frame obstacle.

Note: the lessons of the Running A-Frame do differ from those of the dog walk.

In this course, you'll seamlessly focus on transitioning that super solid foundation and clear understanding of criteria to the A-Frame contact.

In this online training, Stacy provides:

  • A customized progression plan for each working team.
  • Personalized coaching & feedback on your videos and questions throughout course. 
  • Lessons specifically created for an easy transition of foundation skills to the A-Frame obstacle.
  • Training designed for your dog's physical safety, without the needless repetition on contact equipment.
  • A clear understanding of your dog's criteria during motion on the A-frame.
  • Advancing critical handler skill-development exercises and techniques used to visually identify and consistently reward motion-based criteria on the A-Frame.

This program's content is designed for 12-weeks of training and is appropriate for any dog who has successfully completed the Foundations training, understands driving to the remote food machine and/or to a stationary toy, and is physically and mentally mature enough to be running across a full A-Frame.

In this course you will:

  • Have access to coaching the first 3 weeks.
  • Add motion across a A-Frame.
  • Build drive across a A-Frame.
  • Promote criteria-based thoughtfulness on the A-Frame obstacle.
  • Continue to train directional cues.
  • Promote forward focus.

What you'll need for this course:

  • Non-slip mat that is any contrasting color (except yellow) from the surface it's placed on. For example, a non-slip bathtub mat is simplest, but several options may be used for class.
  • A way to secure the mat (options are discussed in the course).
  • Vet wrap for hind legs (this is a great tool that is discussed in the course).
  • 2 wings from a jump or cones.
  • A manners minder/remote trainer.
  • Other items as recommended to your team by Stacy during the Foundations course.

  • An adjustable full-size A-Frame.


At Spot On Agility, we understand that everyone learns differently, and financial constraints shouldn't be a barrier to accessing quality training.

That's why we've developed two distinct course participation options, ensuring there's something for everyone:

  1. The Ultimate VIP Experience - Our premium, immersive option for those who seek personalized coaching and hands-on support (3 MONTHS of Coaching & Video Review)
  2. The DIY Self-Study - A flexible, budget-friendly choice for independent learners, with the option to upgrade to the VIP Experience anytime.

Note: For both options, please be sure to watch all coaching feedback prior to expiration.  Once your coaching time concludes, you will no longer have access to the coaching videos.

We're committed to making our expert-crafted lessons accessible to all.


If you prefer a self-paced, flexible learning experience, our DIY Self-Study option is perfect for you. You'll enjoy:

  • Comprehensive course lessons
  • A flexible learning schedule
  • Lifetime access to course materials

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  • Ask questions and prepare for upcoming events
  • Maximize the value of your investment when training a new dog
  • Please be sure to watch all coaching feedback prior to expiration.  Once your coaching time concludes, you will no longer have access to the coaching videos.

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