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The Dog Agility Training Blueprint + Agility Visual Graphics Pack

The ultimate kit to identify core dog agility skills required to achieve success at each level of growth.

Save Time and Stay Prepared with Our Skill Map for Dog Agility Handlers:

- The complete checklist & map of skills needed for each level - Beginner, Intermediate, Masters, Premier & International

- A comprehensive checklist of skills listed out by type - Teamwork, Handling, & Equipment

- 21 Graphics of the most typical sequences every dog agility trainer must know (and at which level you can expect to see them!)

Includes Agility Visual Graphics Pack of 70+ additional visual graphics of the most frequent sequences every dog agility trainer must know.

- Items will be available in either a downloadable PDF (checklists & map of skills) with some items to include video (for example, how to measure your dog)

- Lifetime upgrades as information is added.

- BONUS 1: 10 Graphics of Unique Start Line Sequences to prepare for and avoid confusion that often happens when multiple options are available

- BONUS 2: The full checklist of what to bring to any dog agility lesson, class or trial (so you don’t forget something obvious that can cost you the trial).

- BONUS 3: The complete video guide to measuring your dog (to reduce stress for you and your dog created by inaccurate measurements and lack of preparation)

- BONUS 4: Recorded workshop on the most common sequences you and your dog must prepare for (based on what I see most often as a dog agility judge from multiple organizations over 24+ years)

- BONUS 5: Sport Puppy Recorded info & Q&A session with a puppy specialist on raising your next agility puppy to excel as a family member AND top performer.