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From Stress to Success in Dog Sports

This learn to perform under pressure masterclass is more than just dog sport training; it's a transformative journey for handlers. We're focusing on empowering YOU to overcome the mental and emotional challenges that come with dog sport competitions. For those who adore the thrill of dog sports but sometimes struggle with the pressures, this is for you.

Transform from a dog sport handler hindered by nerves and self-doubt to a confident, synchronized team player, radiating joy and assurance in every run with your dog.

What you'll get in this self-study program:

  • 15-minute video lessons with Coach Lisa PDF workbook and recordings of Q&A group coaching!
  • Master Mental Agility: Learn to channel competition pressure into a powerful asset, enhancing focus and performance.
  • Turn Nerves into Strengths: Convert pre-run jitters into positive energy, boosting your dog sport performance.
  • Build Resilience Under Pressure: Develop the resilience to handle competition stress, making you a more adaptable and robust handler.
  • Embrace a Positive Mindset: Shift to a mindset that embraces challenges, celebrates progress, and cherishes the journey in agility.
  • Achieve Synchronized Performance: Unlock the secret to perfect synchronization with your dog, making every agility or dog sport trial a testament to your team's unity.
  • Become the Handler Your Dog Believes You Are: Step up as the confident, capable handler your dog sees, turning every agility or dog sport trial into a shared triumph.
  • Resilience and Focus Lesson: Engage in training designed to help you navigate the highs and lows of competitions with greater resilience and laser-sharp focus.
  • Community Support: Join a dedicated forum for sharing experiences, tips, and celebrating breakthroughs with fellow dog agility & dog sport enthusiasts.
  • Lifetime Access to Lessons: with optional continued coaching options available after the 21-days (for those who want to dive even deeper).

Disclaimer: A Journey for the Committed and Open-Minded

This self-study masterclass is specially crafted for those who are ready to embrace change and actively engage in their personal growth. It's for individuals who come with an open mind, ready to learn and apply new mental skills to transform their agility experience. This course is a perfect fit if you're eager to take responsibility for your development and willing to explore new perspectives in moving from stress to success.

Please note, this course may not be suitable for you if you are not ready to embrace change, prefer to remain in your comfort zone, or are unwilling to take active steps towards self-improvement. It's designed for participants who are as committed to their growth as they are to their dog's performance.

Join us if you're set on a path of transformation and ready to turn every dog sport trial into a triumph of learning, confidence, and joy.