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Agility 365: Daily Home Challenges

Transform Any Space into Your Training Arena with Agility 365: Daily Home Challenges!

Discover how to confidently guide your dog through agility courses using the magic of your home environment. No equipment, no problem! Embrace the journey to agility excellence, one playful challenge at a time, and turn your living room into the ultimate agility playground.

What is Agility 365?

It’s not your typical training program but a calendar of 365+ written agility tasks, curated from years of agility experience, to inspire your daily training routine. Each day, flip the page for a new challenge – no lengthy instructions, just straight-to-the-point fun agility ideas!

Inside Your Agility 365 Calendar:

  • 365+ Written Agility Tasks: Discover a new, quick task each day, using items around your house.
  • 50+ Dog Tricks: Spice up your dog’s trick repertoire with a range of easy-to-follow ideas.
  • 75+ Mental & Physical Mini-Tasks: Quick exercises to keep both you and your dog sharp and agile.
  • Fun and Play: Over 30 games to add joy and excitement to your agility sessions.
  • Build Skills: From impulse control to creating drive and distance training to handling techniques, all covered in simple, written suggestions.

Why Choose Agility 365?

  • Effortless & Effective: Perfect for busy handlers, each task takes just 10 minutes or less.
  • Build More Than Skills: Improve your bond, communication, and overall wellness alongside agility training.
  • For Everyone: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, find value and fun in every challenge.
  • Adaptable: Great for any space – adapt tasks to fit your home environment.
  • Visible Progress: Watch your dog’s agility improve day by day, right at home.

Bonus Video Included!

I’ll walk you through sample exercises in my living room, showing you how everyday items can become your agility training tools.

Transform Your Home into an Agility Playground!

Stop wondering “What agility skill should we train today?” With Agility 365, you have a year of engaging agility tasks at your fingertips. Order now and make every day an agility adventure!