Updated: February 19, 2022

Code of Conduct & Kindness

The Spot On Agility online classroom comment areas and the Facebook Group platforms are designed to be a POSITIVE interactive experience where members support each other, provide feedback, and share agility experiences that are related to the course.

Be kind and supportive. 

By joining a Spot On Agility course, you are acknowledging that you accept the responsibility to abide by our Terms and Code of Conduct.

This includes:

Unauthorized use of Login Credentials:
You have purchased a single user enrollment and agree that you will not share your login credentials with anyone and understand that giving unauthorized access to nonregistered users will be considered a violation of our privacy policy and your access may be terminated and refusal of registrations at any future courses offered by Spot On Agility, LLC and Lisa Selthofer.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance.

Copyright Infringement and Unauthorized use of Online Material:
The written, video and audio content of this course is copyrighted, which means you may only use it for your own personal use. You understand that it may not be rewritten in any form or format and that it is not to be used in another training/school/learning curriculum, published audios, videos, articles, newsletters, or reprinted.

At times we do provide written permission for Clubs to reprint items with permission. To request written permission please contact [email protected].

When referencing our material, concepts, training, exercises, sequences & courses, kindly identify the specific source during live discussions, video or audio recordings, in social media, and all other correspondence.

No portion of this course material may be electronically forwarded or shared in print or video format without prior written consent from Spot On Agility, LLC and/ or Lisa Selthofer. This includes posting any information from this site on your personal blogs, Facebook page, YouTube, or other social network sites and sharing with your students.

Thank You!

Lisa Selthofer