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Let's tackle the most common fault in agility trials 🐾

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As a judge who watches thousands of runs per year, I have to admit that the most common fault I call at trials is at the contact obstacles.


***FULL DISCLOSURE: Because I want agility handlers to succeed (read on to find out why) and contact obstacle failures are plaquing at least 60% of you, I'm going to be talking A LOT about contacts over the next several weeks. If your dog's contacts are 95% reliable and you'd like to skip the conversation, CLICK HERE.


I always see it happen - when a dog misses the down contact zone on the dog walk, A-frame or teeter.

And while I know it's predictable for me to call these faults, I also know how frustrating it can be for you as the handler.


Here's how I KNOW how frustrating it is for you...

  • I hear what you say to your dog,
  • see the defeat overtake your posture; and
  • I can feel the disappointed tone in how you say things to your dog

As the person who is right beside you at every single contact, I'm secretly disappointed for your team...


I understand that you believe you've trained your dog well for contact performances... but the fact that your team keeps receiving faults at the contact means there is a problem!

Something didn't translate in either your:

  • training
  • proofing, or
  • consistency phase.


You can fix this!

Instead of accepting the problem (which means a lifetime of one missed contact after another), it's time to identify the place where your training broke down.

Join me for the FREE Contact Training Webinar and we'll go through the training must-have's and myths, together.

It's time to solve your contact problem once and for all.


Join the FREE Contact Training Webinar 


I'm writing to you because I've been there and I want to help you overcome this challenge. I empathize with you and I wonder if you're tired of disqualifying due to a contact fault.

If so, then let's do something about it.

The solution is easy - stop accepting the problem and the aggravation and disappointment that comes with it.

Instead, join the Webinar, identify the problem, then work your way up. Let's tackle this together!

🐾 Let's train smarter (not harder)

🐾 Let's proof our training thoroughly

🐾 Let's be consistent with our training

These are some of the things that we'll discuss in the Contact Training Webinar to ensure our dogs hit the contact zones every time.


I'm confident that by reviewing the steps together (for both stopped & running contacts), we can overcome this challenge and achieve our goals.


So, let's stop accepting the problem (kick those missed contacts to the curb!) and start solving it.

Are you with me?


🤝 Best regards,

Your Webinar Hosts: Lisa Selthofer (Stopped Contacts) & Stacy Bols (Running Contacts)


P.S. the Contact Training Webinar is April 17th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

P.P.S. can't make the live webinar? Sign-up and you'll automatically receive the replay link after!

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