Hey there!

Agility Judge Lisa here.

I've been coaching agility teams for over 25 years, and I'm excited to help you improve your training and celebrate your dog's continued success.

I believe training should be effective, manageable, and fun!

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Hey there!

Agility Judge Lisa here.

I coach you to build that highly-engaged, skills-based dog agility team you've always dreamed of. Whether you are a Beginner or a Master level competitor, it is possible to achieve your goals and find joy!

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I'm Lisa Selthofer

25+ year Dog Agility Judge, Coach & Competitor

I'm Lisa Selthofer

25+ year Dog Agility Judge, Coach & Competitor

The #1 agility question I get is...

"Can you help me?"


Yes, and thanks to our online resources here is an example of exactly what I do...


Merry joined my online Weave Pole Masterclass with 2 dogs and she was struggling.

Splash was consistently popping out at the 10th pole, causing her considerable frustration and costing her clean runs in competition.

Dory had just turned 2 years and was newer to weaving and she wanted to train her for success.

After working together, here's what Merry had to say to her friends on FB after she returned to competition.

"The difference in Splash is remarkable... and you know I have been battling this problem a long time...Dorie is hitting her entries in the weaves like a “big girl. The exercises we did helped both dogs.”

Highly Referred!


"And just like that... Purgatory has come to an end!!♡♡"

So proud of this boy. 2 days 2 Qs and we are officially out of Open Jumpers! Thank you Lisa Marie Selthofer for helping us fix our weaves♡

- Suzi D. Participant of the Weave Pole Masterclass & SOS (Spot On Success) Group Coaching


"I am a true believer in Lisa's advise and methods"

I followed Lisa's weekly lesson plan and we really did the homework assignments..... the short training sessions were a key to our success.... and I am a true believer in Lisa's advise and methods... My dog KNOWS his job, he does it willing and he truly amazes me with his ability to find entries.... Now that we are back at class... my instructor is blown away with my dog's weave skills... 

 - Sue R. Participant of the Weave Pole Masterclass & SOS (Spot On Success) Group Coaching

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If you're brand new to agility or beginning a new dog or puppy, this is your first step to getting started. The Start Dog Agility foundation program focuses on training skills at-home (no equipment) to prepare you for in-person class.

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If your agility team is experiencing a specific challenge that is hijacking your success, let's change course. Whether the issue is contact performance, weave pole woes or a distracted & disconnected dog, there are solutions that will lead you to success.

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If you want to experience a more personal agility environment where you can thrive, excel, be challenged and supported while connecting with fellow like-minded agility teams, then the Spot On Success online group coaching experience is for you.

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