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The *shortcut* way to map out your agility training


I talk to strangers.

Once, while walking to an agility judges dinner in New York City (possibly the least friendly place in the US), I went straight up to a man and began a conversation. 

Why? Because I had a question.

So last week, when I asked if a blueprint of agility skills, organized by level, would be helpful, like the man in New York City, you answered me.

And it was a loud YES!

So, I'm moving forward and here's what you need to know:

- I will be releasing The Dog Agility Training Blueprint on January 1, 2023 (just a few short weeks away).

- If you like (dare I say love?) the idea of having agility skill checklists that are organized by level, click now!

- Do you dream of having an organized map of agility skills? Psst... click now!

- It is available now for the grand pre-sale amount of $29.99 (lol), and once it's completed, I will increase the price.

- Hurry! If you purchase by 11/30/2022, I'll include two additional bonuses!

Wondering why you would need this?

The Dog Agility Training Blueprint is your short-cut to mapping out what agility skills to train and at what level. Take the short-cut.

Check it out HERE

All my best,

- Lisa Selthofer

P.S. Have a friend who would benefit from The Dog Agility Training Blueprint? Sharing is caring, go ahead and hook them up with the link to this page. 

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