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Words of Wisdom for AKC Agility Nationals Competitors


My words of wisdom for all my agility friends competing at the AKC Nationals this weekend....

1) YOU ARE ALREADY A CHAMPION! You worked hard to earn a spot at this event, so remember to take a moment to savor the arena, the atmosphere, the excitement, and even the nerves in your gut. One day you'll remember this moment with your dog with intense longing and fondness...

2) STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR JOB AS A HANDLER. You don't need to worry about the Q, the off-course options, what the judge might call, or the other competition (those are distractions!). Your only task is to go out there and do your job: make a plan and lead your dog through the course.

3) YOU'VE TRAINED FOR THIS! Keep it simple, and remember your training. When you have any doubts, please see #1 above.

4) BREATHE & SMILE AT YOUR DOG. Your dog always has your back and is your source of comfort. Smile at your dog at the practice jump. Smile at your dog before you head into the ring, and smile at your dog on the start line. Trust me, looking into their eyes and smiling will give you both that secret sauce at just the right moment.

Here's to your success, fond memories, and pure happiness with your dog.

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