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Weave Pole Channels & 45 Degree Entry (VIP Experience)

In this Ultimate VIP Experience - you'll receive our premium, immersive option for those who seek personalized coaching and hands-on support. 3 MONTHS of Coaching & Video Review included to support you every step of the way.

Using the CHANNEL Method, you will train your dream weave pole performance and create a desire in your dog to tackle the weaves with drive, speed and independence.

This online program will help you get your weave pole performance trained correctly the FIRST TIME and to help you identify EXACTLY where in the weave pole process there is a disconnect and fix it for life.

Skip over the how-to struggle and overwhelm with Lisa's signature 3-step system and guided group coaching experience that takes you from asking "which method?" and "how do I fix this..." to "Oh my GOSH! My dog can WEAVE!"


  • Weave Strategy & Goal Setting

  • Weave Foundations

  • Reward & Shaping Foundations For Independence

  • Core Weave Training

  • How to Video Tutorials

  • Straight on & 45 Degree Entry Training

  • Complete Exit Training

  • Solutions to Weave Issues

  • PDF Resources of Course Challenges

  •  Tailored coaching, video assessments, insightful feedback (available during active coaching time)

  • Coaching support of 3 months with The Ultimate VIP Experience

  • An extensive Video Library for endless inspiration (available during active coaching time)

  • A treasure trove of Resources at your fingertips

  • Interactive LIVE Group Coaching Sessions for camaraderie and support (available during active coaching time)

  • A nurturing Private Community of like-minded learners (while coaching is active)

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to lessons, ensuring your ongoing growth and success

  • ON-DEMAND COACHING ACCESS: Reconnect with your coach at any time by simply paying a monthly fee, perfect for tackling new challenges or training additional dogs.

EXPERIENCE: This training is appropriate for true beginner dogs as well as dogs who struggle with common weave issues such as: Lack of speed, popped poles, missed entries, lack of distance, the need to 'babysit' the poles or be in that 'perfect' spot and so much more.

PREREQUISITE: Dogs have completed their physical growth.


  • 12 channel weave poles (stick in the ground will work), used the first 4-6 weeks of the course (time depends on each team). 
  • 12 standard weave poles.
  • Manners Minder (preferred) and/or target (less ideal)
  • Guide Wires are highly recommended.
  • Treats, Toys, the desire to have fun & learn with your dog.
  • Optional: 1 Jump, 1 tunnel

REFUND POLICY: 90% Refund if requested 5 business days prior to the start of the Program. There are no refunds once the Program begins.