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Sep 04, 2023

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Sep 03, 2023

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Sep 02, 2023

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3 Keys to Start Dog Agility

Watch this FREE 3-part mini-training and learn the 3 keys to train in dog agility. This webinar is perfect for those who are newer to dog agility or starting a new dog.

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The Dog Agility Training Blueprint

The ultimate kit to dog agility skills with checklists and time-saving blueprints that will prepare you to identify nearly every sequence that can come up in agility.

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Start Dog Agility!

A 21-day online dog agility course where you’ll learn how to transform your dog into a focused agility companion, develop fundamental agility skills, and boost your agility expertise at home, without obstacles.

Geared toward at-home training with no dog agility equipment needed.

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Agility Trial Roadmap: Your Step-by-Step Plan to a Successful Trialing Experience

This course is the best way to get an overview of the 300+ pages of agility rules, guidelines and show culture every agility handler, in every agility organization, is responsible for. This course will prepare you for entering your first trial and you'll be prepared for the demands expected of an experienced handler and you'll have prepped your dog for one of the most exciting environments in dog sports.

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Spot On Success - SOS Membership

Ready to accelerate your dog's agility, see fast, impressive results, and connect with other agility handlers? Join the only online agility education program with live coaching run by an active Agility Judge. you don't have to wait for weekly in-person classes to have fun and improve your dog's agility skills, achieve your goals, connect with your dog & enjoy your success.

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400 Agility Sequences & Courses PDF

Over .00 Dog Agility Training Sequences & Courses designed for various sized training areas. Perfect for all levels & skills - with basic exercises up through International style drills.

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Our Online Training is Convenient and On Your Schedule

Expert online dog agility training to watch on any device - including your computer, laptop, tablet, ipad and mobile phone. 

Now you can take your training with you... to the agility facility, in your backyard or access while on your lunch break.

Skip the long commute and prioritize your schedule!

Coaching and Video Review are also available.


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